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She tried out for in 2007 but didn't make it to the final 12; returning to the UK, she released singles with MC Neat in 20.Also, in 2012 she was featured on the Alonestar songs 'Warrior' and 'All Falls Down'...After leaving the show, a judge ordered him to repay some money that he allegedly owed a woman who helped him find fame, and he was also banned from driving after being twice over the legal alcohol limit. He previously worked at Jemma Kidd Make Up School, but according to his Linked In page, he launched his own company, Evolve Beauty, in 2014.Since November 2014, he has been a Regional Education Manager at Estee Lauder Travel., and had some fierce rows with Jade Goody before finishing in sixth place.in 2012, but sadly she didn't make it past boot camp.In 2016, Hayley was one randomly one of the candidates the represent Romania at Eurovision with the song 'Brand New Day'.

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She was sadly dropped by Simon Fuller's record company soon after.After being dropped by EMI, Rik formed his own band and signed an album deal with Red Admiral Records.Two months into his 'Beyond Reality Tour' in 2004, three concerts were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. He did the obligatory identity parade on in 2007, but in 2013 it emerged that he's lost his voice.Among them was a show at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, where only two tickets were sold. Apparently, and we're not making this up, he can now only yodel.He also admitted that he found it tough when he ended up going to the job centre, but in March 2014, at least, he was working as an exam invigilator (if Rik Waller was patrolling our exams, we'd find it hard to concentrate, but okay).

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