Symantec not updating error 5

The log entries should give you a hint as to the This error can usually be corrected by making a modification to the Windows Registry.

symantec not updating error 5-51symantec not updating error 5-14symantec not updating error 5-69

You can usually clear a VSS writer error by rebooting the machine.The VSSADMIN command can be used to determine which VSS writer is causing your problem.This is one of the Backup Exec errors that can be caused by a variety of conditions. NET Framework will vary depending on the operating system used. NET Framework and removing the framework can cause those applications to break.However, VSS writer errors are tied to applications or the operating system, rather than to Backup Exec.If a reboot does not clear the error, you will have to troubleshoot the VSS writer itself (and the underlying application) rather than Backup Exec.

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