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He made his career debut as Downs in the drama film “The Libertine.” Rupert Friend had an affair with actress Keira Knightley; they started dating in 2005.

They meet during the shooting of British romance film "Pride & Prejudice" and engaged on December 2014. Afterwards, Rupert began dating athlete and actress Aimee Mullins in 2013.

Friend, who approaches his work with Method-like intensity, hung out with Lewis as much as possible before filming started.

‘I didn’t want him to feel like I was an emotional vampire,’ he says, ‘and I didn’t want to be Jeremy Paxman, but I did have to understand him as a person.

Our site runs faster and better on the latest browsers.A successful actress that has managed to shine by herself in Hollywood, but is her romantic life?Keira became pretty popular while still being quite young.He found it very hard to talk about the more harrowing aspects of his life, so I had to try to skirt those while allowing him to say what he wanted to say.’ Lewis also introduced Friend to a south London gym to get him into shape, physically and psychologically, for the film’s scenes of illicit street fighting.‘When you first walk into a boxing gym you see the ring in the middle and there’s this, “holy s---” moment: that’s the danger zone, I’ll stay over here.

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