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The truth is, there are probably at least a few more (possibly many more) members of our genus out there waiting to be discovered.And it’s possible that one of these early hominins, physically and cognitively capable of making primitive tools, made it as far as San Diego.A Rock In A Hard Place Then there are the rocks…specifically, the cobbles.Five large stones that the authors believe were used as hammerstones and anvils to process the carcass.There was no raging river here when the mastodon met his end, just a gentle stream.

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As the first footsteps of our species appear to get pushed further and further back, it’s no longer cray-cray to consider that AMHs were racking up the mileage far from our ancestral African homeland by 130,000 years ago.

According to the researchers, they used multiple methods to date a number of the bone specimens. They were unable to get a result using radiocarbon dating (RCD), for example — which actually strengthens their case for the bones being 130,000 years old, because RCD is generally unusable beyond 40,000 years or so.

The researchers ran into a similar dead end using optically stimulated luminescence dating, which can calculate when a sample was last exposed to sunlight — but again, OSL is known to be generally ineffective in samples older than 100,000 years.

The land bridge known as Beringia has, after all, connected Siberia with North America on and off for 70 million years during periods of intense glaciation.

In fact, the authors of today’s study pointed out that Beringia was high and dry for some time immediately before 130,000 years ago, after which rising sea levels sunk it for a good long while.

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