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The parent who pays child support is usually called the “Alternative Residential Parent” (ARP) and the parent who receives child support is usually called the “Primary Residential Parent” (PRP).

The child support worksheets, or just “worksheets,” are print-outs of the child support calculator that is available online.

In overview: Part I – Identification lists the parents, children, and number of parenting days with each child.

Part II – Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) lists both parents’ income and certain adjustments to determine the Percentage Share of Income (PI).

This is because of the highly variable nature of these expenses among different families.

(Links are provided below.) Print-outs of the parents’ agreed upon worksheets must be attached to the permanent parenting plan form for divorce.

For post-divorce child support modification, the worksheets must be attached to the child support order.

The second step is to calculate the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of each parent by subtracting “credits” from each parent’s gross income.

Credits reduce the amount of gross income used to calculate the Basic Child Support Obligation.

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