Old lady chatcity

This new player yelled at me, because she thought I was teasing her.

So it shows dating, but it not much to worry about! However, language, sex, violence, drugs, and drinking are accumulated somehow. All it is is about sex and love and bad things that i cant go into also i made the mistake of joining and now i cant deleat my account! Stay away from these type of people and you will enjoy woozworld. For the first few days i went on i loved it but then it started. There it was: fluck you will u dat me give me a kis i hat you it was all there in black and white. NEVER LET YOUR CHILD PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woozworld is a Fun Game and I have been playing it for 3 years, Almost 4. But older kids and adults come on this game and use inappropriate Language (But Bad language is blocked out, if someone trys to Swear it would look like this: *****) But people try to find a way around it.The main problems of the game are: Bad Language and Cyber Bullying, And also Hacking.

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