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Casein sensitivity, celiac disorder and gluten sensitivity now encourage a different treatment overview.

– The take-home appears simple: if these symptoms occur, do go more slowly on the GFCF [Gluten Free Casein Free] diet, respect the opiate withdrawal process and support other nutritional and physiologic activities.

Children with autism frequently seem addicted to wheat [gluten] and dairy [casein] products.

Presumably, people with Autism and schizophrenia For some, the first days and weeks of following a gluten-free diet are characterized by food cravings, disorientation, irritability, sleepiness, depression, mental fogginess, fatigue, and/or shortness of breath.

The manufacturer has asked the FDA to approve acesulfame K for soft drinks and baked goods.

The public is waiting for an artificial sweetener that is unquestionably safe. Even compared to aspartame and saccharin (which are afflicted with their own safety publems - see below), acesulfame K is the worst.

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