Heath ledger dating britney spears

Everyone thinks I’m this crazy drug addict who shows up late to everything and behaves so badly.

Ryan Gosling's attitude got him fired by Disney when he was just 12 years old.

Today it's made him one of the most terrifyingly intense actors in Hollywood, capable of making even an on-screen romance with a rubber doll seem believable.

Will Lawrence meets the one-man talent pool If you go down to Ryan Gosling's house you're sure of a big surprise.

Born in New York in 1986, she became a model at three, a soap actress at seven and a bona fide movie star at ten, when she landed the lead role in The Parent Trap alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.

But then her life, and career, fell apart amid a slew of lurid headlines about her off-screen antics.

She is a high-quality sex doll, incidentally, and her name is Bianca.She was busted twice for drink-driving and cocaine abuse, she breached her parole and was jailed for 90 days, eventually serving two weeks in prison.Lindsay’s life has thus become a soap opera, with much of the drama surrounding her father Michael, a combustible former Wall Street trader prone to violence, drink and drug abuse, and who has twice been to jail.So I stayed in a facility so I could get some sleep and talk about it with someone the next day, because it was overwhelming. I was accused of everything, even stealing a necklace. They didn’t show the real in-store video tape to anyone, because that shows the store attendant putting it on me and me taking out cash to pay for it, and she’s saying, ‘No, you can just bring it back tomorrow.’ So, there’s like a slew of things that have gone on like that which have been such a strain. I’m like, ‘I’ll be there half an hour early if you just give me my space and don’t call me every five seconds.’Not really. But there’s something just different about it with a woman. But I would leave every day and just sleep there at night. It was kind of like having my own live-in therapist, because I was having crazy nightmares and I was having AA meetings on set and stuff. I think my two DUIs were totally irresponsible – a stupid mistake… When I was with Samantha (Ronson), I didn’t want to leave, because I didn’t want to be alone.

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