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She claimed stress made her weight fluctuate and she wanted to make sure her breasts remained the same size despite her yo-yo-ing figure.At her most, she weighed 130 pounds, she said, while at other times she dropped to 100 pounds.A full description of the action in each video is prominently displayed and you'll get masturbation, oral sex, Sapphic loving, footjobs and anal.Plus, all the movies seem to end in a creamy facial.'If you’re considering breast implants, or taking them out and getting a lift, I hope that this video helps you,' she told her social media followers.'Getting it done the first time hurts a lot, but the lift doesn’t hurt hardly as much,' she said encouragingly.

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Unfortunately, the site has a download limit of 10 gigabytes per day.First she got implants and then she got a breast reduction and lift.And now Chantel Jeffries has decided to share her traumatic journey with her fans via a vlog so, she says, she can help her followers who are considering cosmetic alternations to their bodies.She blamed an added 10 pounds for making look too big and giving her a DD cup size that, she says, she 'never wanted.' 'I felt like they looked fake,' she said. I didn’t want that.''I didn’t want people looking at me and just looking at my boobs — I was never that person,' she claimed in the video.Last week, she underwent a breast reduction and lift and shared a photo on Instagram showing off her minimized bosom.

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