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To keep hair healthy, make sure pollution doesn’t build up by washing regularly with a clarifying shampoos such as Pureology’s Purify Shampoo, (£11.10, and finish off with Redken’s Time Reset Corrective Defense (£17.75,, a leave-in treatment that protects hair against pollution.‘Harsh climatic conditions such as wind, particularly bad in Scotland, dry the skin and can make certain skin conditions such as eczema worse.Cold wind can also aggravate rosacea and cause redness,’ says Dr Williams.The pipes are divided into ranks and controlled by the use of hand stops and combination pistons.Although the keyboard is not expressive as on a piano and does not affect dynamics (it is binary; pressing a key only turns the sound on or off), some divisions may be enclosed in a swell box, allowing the dynamics to be controlled by shutters.There are humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, which draw water from the lower levels of the skin — this comes from the water we drink — to rehydrate the upper levels of the skin, and occlusives, such as paraffin, which have a barrier function to help lock in this moisture.If you want something a bit lighter over which you can layer foundation, try anything from the Aveeno range (from around £6.50) and for keeping lips supple, Dermalogica’s Climate Control Lip Treatment, (£8.10, uk) is a good bet.If it foams quickly, it’s fine; but if it creates a soapy film or goes milky, the water is likely to be hard.

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If you spent the day in a polluted area, consider doing two cycles of face washing in the evening.’Go for a vitamin-rich product full of antioxidants to counteract pollution, such as Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, (£51.30, uk) or try Avon’s Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream (£20, uk).If you suffer frizzy hair and spotty skin, it may well be down to living in a humid area.Manchester is the most humid area in the UK, but other such places include Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh.If you’re experiencing problems with hard water, invest in a water softener for your household taps and shower head or try vitamin-enriched Malibu C Hard Water Treatment Sachet (99p, uk), a deep-conditioning treatment which removes deposits.This is because damaging particles known as free radicals — found in cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes and smog — get trapped in the buildings and can’t disperse.

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