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If we were talking about Ascending/Rising signs, it would be different since the ascending sign of someone represents how they appear to someone before we get to know them.

We are also not talking about Moon signs which are the person's inner personality, emotions, and reactions to certain things in their life, so keep in mind your ultimate goal when trying to determine someone's Zodiac sign.

That is not surprising, considering the innate moral compass, which guides them throughout life. The question is fundamental but the answer is trivial - the horoscope reveals where and how the Virgo should exert himself or herself with the maximum force and vigor at any given place and time.

The situations are individualistic in nature, but through general guidance, the horoscope may allow the Virgo to harness the energy of momentum, which may be harder for them than for the other signs due to their methodical nature.

My be is above his is 11 07 79I'm a Taurus (F). Ashley, Virgos like us hurt ourselves because of our fear when we hold back. The sense of duty is innate with the Virgo; it ensures that they will always work towards some greater good.For example, during the active month of the Virgo, between 150-180th degree of the zodiac, corresponding with the calendar month of August 21st - September 20th (give or take three days for the sign to come into full power and to decline into another sign), the Virgo may be subjected to a Mars transit.This transit will inject new love and joy into our lives, creating many causes to celebrate! Does anyone know anything about a person who is born on the cusp of Cancer & Leo.I'm trying to get a little insight, through astrology, into what makes him tick.

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