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His big break came when he made a series of web shorts for Paramount Comedy named At first glance it’s one of those sitcoms BBC3 has churned out in recent years with the aim of appealing to their core demographic square on the nose, and truthfully, a second glance wouldn’t tell you much more.

It’s essentially standard sitcom fare, strung together by cutaway sequences in the same strain as the above clip.

Too many workers are killed or injured annually in backover accidents. Fire extinguisher operation is not as easy as point-and-shoot. One million people have back injuries in the workplace every year, according to OSHA. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen due to gas powered tools running in a confined space.

We explain the types of fires, and the types of extinguishers, and how to use them. And most of those injuries are from lifting below the knees or over the shoulders. But with common sense precautions, workers can stay safe.

This time, with only three episodes aired so far, Don has accidentally tried to sell war orphans into slavery; been the victim of domestic violence; deliberately bombed the “Feature Films of Kevin Costner” bonus round of a pub quiz; and been the subject of the world’s most lengthy and ridiculous low speed chase through a mansion dressed as a gimp.

Think Welcome to Tinned Goods, a good old fashioned melting pot of ideas.

He is very willing to help you if you go to office hours. Tests are intense and the questions are a bit confusing.

I highly recommend SI sessions as a way to retain the information and gain some extra credit.Part of me wondered if Sam would be binned off as unceremoniously as Abby was, and the first few minutes play with this expectation brilliantly, but luckily Haddock remains a series regular, alongside the ever-reliable Eddie and “throwaway-token-O. Noel Fielding appears as the brilliantly named and phalliclly obsessed high-flying corporate executive Marcus Blade, following in the footsteps of his fellow cameo last series.Rupert Vansittart, minor character whore that he is, turns up as the very epitome of an upper-class stereotype, the sex, women, poor people hating and general bastard father of a posh girl Don dates.The only problem being, she has a boyfriend, Karl (Finlay Robertson), who’s sort of a mix between Tony Blair and Kryten from The first series was somewhat hit and miss, with every episode, despite low-brow but successful laughs such as Don getting Abby’s primary school class pissed on a field trip, ultimately coming back that most basic and ultimately predictable of plotlines – the desire of a man to bone a woman.However the second series struck out boldly, unceremoniously axing both Abby and Karl with a swift “pictures-with-accompanying-voiceover” sequence and replacing them with Don’s elderly and cranky neighbour Mrs Treacher (Leila Hoffman), otherwise known as “Mrs T” or less-than-affectionately “Gollum” and who refers to Don in kind as “Dickhead,” and feisty new girl Sam (Laura Haddock) who replaces Abby as Don’s lodger.

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