Boondocks online dating

What we did find, however, is exactly what we both needed.

Here is the story on how we met, told from each of our perspectives, and how our online date led to a two year (and counting! I was laying in bed, in my Brooklyn apartment, on a lazy weekend afternoon in May a few years ago.

Far from a secret, nowadays you are sort of weird if you are single and NOT looking for love online.

Especially in a busy city like New York, where it seems online dating is the only form of dating left.

In fact, my first thought was that he must have a lot of money, which kind of turned me off and made me wonder if we had anything in common. I found Michael to be interesting and charming, but most of all I enjoyed talking to him and hearing about his journeys.

I had traveled a lot in the previous ten years but our styles were very different.

Nor was I searching for a gym buddy, or someone to go to the movies with. I continued to his profile description and it drew me in.

Setting up strangers with strangers is a huge business, to the tune of 1.7 billion dollars annually. Fifteen years ago online dating was something you hid from your friends and family.

Today it’s pretty much how people meet one another.

I went on two week vacations, spent thousands of dollars at a time, stayed in expensive hotels, and always returned home feeling like I wanted more.

At one point, he emailed me a link to his personal blog, a collection of travel stories.

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