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He was also interviewed for the Go T fifth season specials "New Characters/New Locations" and "Anatomy of an Episode: Mother's Mercy".

Siddig has worked extensively in major motion pictures since production on Deep Space Nine came to an end in 1999.

He then changed his acting credit to Alexander Siddig at the start of the fourth season of Deep Space Nine, reportedly because people had difficulty pronouncing his birth name.

According to Siddig, the name "Alexander" was chosen "out of a hat".

Visitor's pregnancy was covered up on-screen by having the unborn child of the married Keiko O'Brien (played by Rosalind Chao) transplanted to the womb of Visitor's character, the unmarried Kira Nerys.

Django was born on 16 September 1996, during production on the DS9 episode "". The two divorced in 2001, two years after Deep Space Nine wrapped production.

In 2013, he potrayed King Minos on the BBC series Atlantis, which aired in the U. and Canada and premiered on BBC America in November.

Siddig’s uncle, Sadiq Al-Mahdi, is a former Sudan Prime Minister, who helped oversee the wholesale Muslim torturous slaughter of Sudan’s Black Christians.

In 2005, Siddig was briefly romantically linked in the press with actress Kim Cattrall, herself a Star Trek alumna, having played Valeris in .

[1] Siddig first appeared to television audiences as Prince Feisal in the 1990 made-for-TV sequel to Lawrence of Arabia entitled A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia.

Al-Mahdi is president of the Sudan’s Islamist Umma party and Imam of Sudan’s extremist Al-Ansar religious group. Siddig not only won’t denounce his terrorist uncle, he’s proud of him and put him in his Hollywood bio.

These groups made Bin Laden a welcome resident of the Sudan, from which he planned the bombings of the U. Of course, the mindless In Touch Magazine doesn’t tell you any of this.

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